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Dejan's Coaching Statement

Soccer is a very fluid sport, where there is ample room for improvisation within the playing field. This is very different from many American sports, which consist of a series of “set plays” often controlled by someone outside the playing field.

At the younger age levels (U8-U10), coaching staff devote great effort into developing individual technique (ball skills). At older age (U12-U14), coaches use those skills to develop strategy and team tactics. Realistic “goals” are established for each player as well as for the team. We begin the program by dissecting the sport into some very fundamental principles. Each practice session then focuses on one or two facets of the game, and there will be a natural progression from one session to the next. The players learn how to “read” a game, assess certain game situations and respond accordingly. By season’s end, they play with their heads-up, and will know what they’re going to do with the ball before they have actually received it.

My coaching approach is to run organized, intense, yet fun practices. I encourage open discussion. Soccer is very much a “thinking person’s“ sport, and I find that posing questions which require some logical analysis is a far more effective teaching tool than directing “rigid” instructions to players.

My practices also emphasize physical conditioning, a part of soccer training which is unpopular with many players, but essential if one wants to be competitive. Physical conditioning means more than running hard and fast. It encompasses flexibility, agility, balance, timing and rhythm.

I expect full attention and effort at team practices. When players are asked to do anything in practice, they are expected to do it to the best of their ability. Sloppy practice habits simply ingrain bad technique. My view is that since we only have our players for a few hours a week, there is no time to waste. We will encourage fun and camaraderie.

I also expect players to practice basic ball skills on their own, on the days between practices. Competitive soccer demands commitment from each player to work toward improvement. Success will naturally follow if everyone is committed.

Iam very disciplined sideline coach. I believe that coaching should be done before the game is played. My main goal is not to win at all costs, but to instill into the players a sense of knowledge of the game by instruction, drills and game experience. I am exceptionally competitive, but I also know how to lose.

Playing time throughout the season depends upon work ethic at practice, punctuality and progress. I believe that experience on the field of play contributes most to the players’ improvement. However, if an important game is on the line, I will field what I consider to be the best combinations of players I have available. This is competitive soccer.

During the season, I expect soccer to take preference over any other sports.

If you have questions, please call or email…

Dejan Milojicic, head coach
(650) 424-8691
dejan.milojicic <at>

Dejan's Coaching Biography

Dejan Milojicic played basketball all his life, but he fell in love with coaching soccer about 15 years ago. That is when his wife Maja politely suggested that I will be coaching our daugthers soccer. I had no choice but to admit that this was her second biggest mistake of life. Ever since I have been coaching soccer even after my daughters stopped playing with me many years ago. The fact that he regularly watched soccer leagues in Yugoslavia and Germany over a number of years helped overcome absence of early playing experience. Over the course of 15 years Dejan has coached 15 AYSO, one CY, and 6 German speaking student teams at Gunn High School at Palo Alto and on the East Coast. He coached from U10 to U19 girls, boys and co-ed teams. He also coached basketball at YMCA and NJB. During his morning and early afternoon life Dejan is a researcher and a project manager at HP Labs, Palo Alto. 

Dejan has AYSO National license, and CYSA D/E license.